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Department of Philosophy and Moral Sciences and Sarton Centre for History of Science, Ghent University

Concepts and methods in philosophy and history of science: Calendar 2014-2015

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All meetings are, unless otherwise announced, in the seminar room of the Library at Rozier 44, a block away from Blandijnberg (, Wednesdays 14.00-16.00.

October 15: Workshop Machines of Life, Development and Assimilation: Vitalist Themes

October 22: Daniel Schneider (Gent) - The Clear and Distinct and the Forceful and Vivid: Making Some Sense of the Once Standard Rationalist-Empiricist Divide

November 12: Andrea Sangiacomo (Groningen) - Spinoza on Teleology: from Ontology to Moral Philosophy

November 26: Tamas Demeter (Budapest) - The Flight from Mathematics in the Human Sciences: the Case of 18th-Century Scotland

December 3: Anik Waldow (Sydney) - How to Study the Human Being? Kant on Natural History and Anthropology

December 10: Alison Peterman (Rochester) - Spinoza on the Common Notions

December 17: two talks on Bergson and 20C history of philosophy in France: 1. G. Bianco (Sao Carlos) - What is Intellectual Inheritance? The Case of Bergsonism; 2. A. Wong (Liège) - Life and Technology in Bergson's Creative Evolution

January 7: Marlise Rijks (Gent) - Crocodiles, Herbs, and Shells. Apothecaries and the Trade in Collectables in Seventeenth-Century Antwerp

January 21: Paola Rumore (Turin) - From Theology to Philosophy: the Immortality of the Soul in Early German Enlightenment

February 18: Justin Smith (Paris 7) - Kant and Mill on the 'Logic' of Racial Divisions

February 25: Olivier Surel (Paris 10) - Immanent Critique in Spinoza's Theory of Affects

March 11: Laura Felline (Rome) - Counterfactuals in Fundamental Physics

March 18: Erik Curiel (Munich) - On the Use and Abuse of Scientific Examples in the Philosophy of Science

April 1: Magali Roques (MPIWG) - Nominalism in Arithmetic at the Beginning of the 14th Century. The Case of William of Ockham

April 22: Delphine Bellis (Nijmegen / MPIWG) - Gassendi's Probabilism and Academic Skepticism from day to day

April 29: Barbara Sattler (St Andrews) - Aristotle's Notion of Measurement

May 13: Liesbet De Kock (VUB) - The Concept of the Body in Early German Scientific Psychology. Reflections on Wundt's Autogenetic Theory of Action

May 27: Alexander Douglas (KCL) - Affects in Spinoza

Possibly Anne Sophie Spann (Exeter) - Heidegger on Organism

June 17: Rina Knoeff (Groningen) - Jerome Gaub (1705-1780), the Management of the Soul and Dutch Eighteenth-Century Culture

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